Tips for Sustaining Outbound Sales Development Channels During These Times

I see a huge miss among tech sales leadership happening. 🤔

My linkedIn feed is filled with great leadership thoughts on whether or not the market is turning, how to sell in such a climate and if certain approaches will work better than others when it comes to sales development.

The answer is all of the above.

Often times we sit back and try to fit the entire market in a little box and through the theory of consensus (people follow people) we try to rationalize that every single industry, business or individual org are in the same situation.

The truth is they are not.

Some business are thriving right now, while some others are trying to stay afloat.

Some businesses are buying right now while others cant make payroll.

Some businesses are hiring while others are laying off.

The only answer to continue to build pipeline through sales development channels is……

❤️ Strategic research and messaging that is personalized to the individual business you are trying to get in touch with.

Currently, well built templates will not always work because when you build a template you are building a general theory that all businesses fit into the same size box- this is a recipe for disaster.

You and your messaging need to be liquid in the current climate, and your best approach will always be research and then reach out- not the other way around.

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