Introducing PipeUp

As a team we talked for a while about how we wanted to release our newly formed business into the world of technology…… Understanding fully that this could go either way, and the potential for both positive and negative comments was real. 

So we decided what better way than a fun and inviting short story.

Dedication Page- To all who have wanted to go out on their own but were afraid of the jump. Use this as some additional motivation, because the truth lives in the risk. (Emoji) 

Once upon a time a creative and out of the box thinker created a revolutionary new product that solved a major problem in the world, her name was Iris. After finishing her product and gaining market fit Iris knew she needed to start building some infrastructure around her to support a growing company, so she hired a second developer, an assistant, a legal representative and finally an account executive. 

With these new pieces in place Iris was hell bound on conquering the world and making it a better place with her solution. After a few months of operation she realized that each person she hired was already wearing different hats, spread too thin and the account executive was closing deals left and right seemingly on autopilot. Iris decided to lighten the load on each of her struggling employees by doubling the employee headcount and adding one extra person to each team. 

Another 3 months passed, Iris started to realize a slow down in sales so she approached her account executives. Much to her surprise the account executives told her no one is calling us anymore, no one is emailing us anymore, no one is requesting demos any more so I cannot close what is not there. Iris understood she quickly needed to build more awareness, more interest and more leads so she crunched the numbers and found this. 

2 new SDR hires= $20,000 to source, $55,000 salary, 90 day ramp time, 50% chance of churn

1 new SDR manager= $15,000 to source, $100,000 salary, 30-60 day ramp time

Tech needed for the team= $50,000 

Iris didn’t have this type of money, and the company was profitable but couldn’t take on this type of expense in its current state. Iris was also in the process of raising capital but knew she would need consistent sales to impress investors in series A and B and keep growing! 

What could she do???

She did a little more research and found a super passionate team that was hell bound just like her on bringing their solution to the world- PipeUp! 


PipeUp committed to iris that they would outproduce, and outperform most internal sales development teams while remaining strategic and personalized which would offer her prospects the very best journey from the first touch! PipeUp explained they can do this through the use of the latest AI technology available to the sales market which increases productivity on cold calls, maximizes response rates on emails, LI touches and video outreach. Not to mention the constant data Iris would have on how the team is performing, if they are reaching goals, and truly helping Iris’ company grow. 

All of this done virtually overnight with little to zero ramp time and no upfront hiring or expense. Iris exclaimed “Sign me up!!”

PipeUp quickly jumped to action to help Iris fill her pipeline with qualified ICP targets through hyper-personalized omni style cadences. Her top of funnel never looked so good! 

Iris’ sales took off like a rocket ship, her internal sales team of closers grew beyond expectations and the once very small idea turned into a worldwide phenomenon. 

Introducing PipeUp – “We build bigger, qualified pipelines faster”

Our difference: Human based❤️, Tech powered  💻

Hyper-personalized outsourced SDR team- the outbound motion you’ve wanted but haven’t been able to afford.

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