We help B2B orgs with an ambition to grow reach revenue and sales goals faster through strategically targeted, and hyper-personalized outbound selling.

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We put in the work to fill your funnel with targeted ICP account demos, so your closers can do what they do best- CLOSE!

Turnkey Sales Development Team

We have the tech, We have the people, you just tell us when to start!

The Struggle

Hiring, scaling, training and managing a team of internal outbound sellers is expensive, messy and risky…

Average cost to source a new sales rep
Day Ramp Time
Per Rep Turnover
Internal SaaS reps miss quota = Unlimited Headache
Of the companies without an outbound motion are behind the curve

PipeUp Solution

PipeUp helps organizations quickly gain market share, build brand awareness and grow revenue through top of funnel development -Almost overnight with zero risk.

Quickly Gain Market Share

Build Brand Awareness

Grow Revenue

PipeUp =

Hyper-Personalized Outbound Engine

PipeUp emerged (like a phoenix from the ashes-que phoenix noise) to help B2B orgs flip the key to the outbound engine they’ve always wanted without the internal price tag or risk attached. Unlike others in the space the team at PipeUp is trained on strategic prospect research, hyper-personalized outbound messaging and only delivering truly qualified ICP targets to your pipeline.

Our team will act as an extension of yours, upholding branding quality and ensuring your prospects have the very best journey into the funnel. We are not just built on volume, we are efficient, prescriptive and we have a tech stack in place to remain strategic at scale!

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Prospecting Philosophy

Most Outbound teams build cadences or sequences heavily weighted toward personal comfort which results in less than stellar results. The team at PipeUp uses balanced Omni sequences that ensures all prospects are being reached across multiple two-way communication mediums – including:

Cold Calling




SMS text

Outbound Videos


(and we aren’t talking about knitting)

PipeUp will help your org build pipeline across all business segmentations including SMB, Midsize and Enterprise accounts. Our team will work to get more decision making personas involved in the demo process to set your closing team up for success! Our reps won’t stop until that deal is closed!

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Human based, Tech powered

Whoa whoa whoa….. This is only the first date – We will talk about our tech stack if you don’t forget to call 😉

Know this, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to implementing tech that helps us strategically engage with your target buyers. We have the most effective tech stack available to the outbound world, enabling our team of outbound sellers to produce 3-5x the performance of any of the competition-Guaranteed.

Cold Calling performance example:

Most SDR team averages =
60 cold calls per day, 6 conversations

PipeUp Team average =
150 – 200 cold calls per day,
15-20 conversations
(Personalized and Strategic)

Cold Calling performance example:

Most SDR team averages =
60 cold calls per day, 6 conversations

PipeUp Team average =
150 – 200 cold calls per day,
15-20 conversations
(Personalized and Strategic)

The PipeUp Difference

  • Fully remote US based sales development team
  • All reps trained on personalized messaging and leveraging research to build interest
  • ADR team for constant net new account prospecting
  • Robust cutting edge tech stack for increased results
  • Constant data visibility on rep performance and effectivenessAbility to scale with your organization
  • Ability to scale with your organization

Sales Development

3 burning questions everyone asks us…

We’ve partnered with the most intuitive AI driven sales software products on the market, giving our team the unique ability to outperform/outwork/outproduce most sales development teams. Strategic at scale isn’t just a saying with PipeUp, it’s a way of life 🙂

We remain a human based selling team with the aid of great technology, which helps us adapt and build custom solutions for any target vertical or sales channel. If you can define your B2B ICP, we can develop the business.

PipeUp includes real time visibility into ongoing performance so you know exactly what is going on at all times. This also includes the daily productivity and established KPIs of each individual rep.

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100% Visibility and Reporting

Your organization will have access to a personalized dashboard displaying real time performance data. Additionally, we provide monthly reporting on sales rep KPI reviews and goal attainment to ensure our performance is successful.

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Steps to Onboarding

Product Solution

ICP Definition and

Reverse Engineering
Revenue Targets to set
SDR Goals

SDR Team Integration /
Establish a Demo Handoff

Start Building Pipe!

Why Companies use PipeUp:

  • Grow Revenue and cash flow
  • Fill closers pipelines with qualified opportunities
  • Increase sales velocity
  • Win more deals
  • Give time back to closers
  • Break into or test new verticals
  • To grow company valuation
  • Because marketing is diluted
  • New source for lead gen
  • Keep closing teams fed and focused
  • To Scale
  • Because outbound is predictable
  • To impress investors and raise more money
  • To lower Customer acquisition costs (CAC)
  • To Kickstart new start up business
  • Lower internal overhead
  • Because we are the best
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